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Watch Chicks or Ducklings Hatch

Baby Quail

Baby Quail

Do your kids like animals? This idea is part pet care and part science lesson. You can get eggs, take care of them for a few weeks, watch them hatch into adorable baby birds, then return them. It’s easier than you think.

Wagon Train Feed & Tack in Orange sells chicken, duck and quail eggs and rents the incubators. You bring them home, keep them warm in the incubator, turn them over regularly, and in a few weeks little beaks will start breaking through the shells. Play with the babies for a day or two and the return them to Wagon Train.

It costs $25 to rent the incubator. Eggs cost between $12 & $30 a dozen depending on the type. If you’re going to do this regularly (if you’re a teacher or if you can share with your neighbors or your moms group), you might want to buy an incubator. Eggs are available year round.



Don’t discount older kids. We always think of this kind of activity taking place in a Kindergarten classroom, but older kids enjoy it too, and they actually understand more than they did when they were five. You might have to answer more challenging questions, though!

This is something that you do indoors and for a short period of time, so if you’ve hesitated to get a pet because you don’t have enough space or time, this could be the ideal way to expose your kids to pets.  You could also offer to organize this for your child’s classroom.

Here’s the information about the store:

Wagon Train Tack & Feed
7618 E Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92869
(714) 639-7931

They get the eggs in on Tuesdays, so be prepared to pick them up on Tuesday or Wednesday. You also need to call ahead to order the eggs and reserve the incubator.

I’ve called around, but I haven’t found anyone else who offers this service in Orange County. If you know of anyone who does, please leave a comment below.

Thanks to Mrs. Maffetore, Kindergarten teacher extraordinaire, for this info!