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Visit Exotic Birds in Orange County

Here’s a great but short trip that the kids will love.  Stop by Omar’s Exotic Birds in Lake Forest or Placentia. Omars is a pet shop that sells birds and bird supplies. The unique thing about Omar’s is that their birds are not kept in cages. They’re out on perches interacting with customers!

bird-0334The shops are full of parrots, macaws, conures, cockatoos and more.  Many of them are willing climb onto your shoulder or hand.

Of course this kind of activity calls for a bird etiquette lesson before you go. Depending on the age of your children, you may choose to let them touch the birds, or not.  If you’re just going to look, let them know ahead of time. If your kids will be allowed to pet the birds or allow the birds to climb on them, you should talk to them about letting the bird choose whether it wants to interact with the child.  Explain that some birds might be afraid of people and it’s better not to scare them. You should also prepare them for the possibility that they might get nibbled on or pooped on by a feathered friend.

If you like, you can expand this into an educational visit, kids can learn about some of the bird species before they go. They can look on a globe to find the places the birds come from. Many exotic birds are endangered in the wild. Kids could find out why they’re endangered and what people are doing to help. Omar’s website has a link to Parrots International, a group which is working to protect these birds’ environments.

If you are considering adding a bird to your family, this is a great place learn about the different species and their care.

If your kids are too young or too exuberant to handle a bird gently, but really want to touch, you might consider taking them to Zoomar’s instead. The farm animals there are more accustomed to small children.