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Take Me Out to the Bowl Game

Bowling is one of those sports that is fun even with no lessons or practice.  Anybody and everybody can bowl.  Many activities are either for you or for the kids, but not both.  Not so with bowling. Even if your family includes adults who are experienced bowlers and kids who can barely push a ball hard enough to make it the length of the lane, everyone will have a great time!  If you have a family member who’s too young to push a ball, they can still go along and “assist” Mom or Dad and be a part of the noise and excitement.  You can go anytime, rain or shine, and it gets everybody out of the house to get the wiggles out.

Half the fun of bowling is cheering each other on. If you only have a couple of people, you can easily call a friend or two to join you.  Or make friends with the people in the next lane.

There are several bowling alleys in Orange County. The older alleys are a little bit plain, but the noise of a bowling alley, the excitement of hitting — or missing — the pins, and the physical activity are all a kid needs to liven up the day.  The newer bowling alleys have cool lighting and almost a nightclub atmosphere, but are often pricier. Prices are often a little lower during their slower times, like weekday afternoons.

You don’t even have to know how to score.  Bowling alleys have automatic systems that score for you and display the scores on a screen.  Even seeing your name on the “TV” screen is fun for kids.  Bumpers are available to fill the gutters so that little ones can have a better chance of hitting the pins.

When you look at their websites, you’ll see that many bowling alleys’ marketing is geared toward the young adult crowd.  Most of them are open for adults only after 9 PM, but they’re full of kids during the daytime.

If your day of bowling turns into a sport that your children want to pursue further, you can sign them up for a bowling club or league.