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Restaurants Trying to Lure Us with Great Deals

I usually throw away the junk mail without looking at it very carefully. Yesterday, though, a Soup Plantation flyer caught my eye.  Buy one adult meal and two beverages and get a second adult meal free with the coupon.  That’s pretty good! But it gets better. It’s valid for up to two pairs of two. That means that four of us can eat and we’ll pay for two meals and four drinks.  The Soup Plantation coupons always used to be for about 10% off.  They must be really desperate to get customers.

In the same pile of junk (or so I thought) mail, was a coupon for Fridays. Buy one entre, get one free. Wow! Their coupons used to be $5 off when you spend $20 or more.

Pick up Stix has a buy-one-entre-get-one-free coupon on their website right now too. It’s good all the way through the end of September. And they sell won tons for 25 cents on Wednesdays.

I’m amazed. I’m used to seeing offers like this from restaurants that you’ve never heard of because they’re trying to get their business off the ground.  But these are some of our favorite restaurants. I’m trying to economize these days just like everyone else, but I only have so much willpower. We’re off to Soup Plantation!