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Prepare Projects for Indoor Days

Ever have one of those days when the kids are house-bound and have nothing to do? Maybe they’re home sick, but they’re feeling well enough to be bored. Or maybe you’re trying to get some work done and you don’t have time to take them out somewhere. Those kinds of days sneak up on you when you don’t expect them. You need to have some indoor activities for kids at your fingertips.

Now is the time to get ready. Prepare a few projects that will keep the kids entertained. Get the materials and hide them. If the kids see it, they’ll want to do the project now. You need it to be a surprise for the kids just when they (and you) need it most. Peruse the craft store ads for art projects that your kids might like and pick them up when they’re on sale. Think about your child’s special interests. Maybe there’s a project related to them? Remember things you made when you were a kid. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Get something made from unfinished wood at your local craft store. It can be small, like a bird house or a shelf, or larger, like a stepstool or a small wooden bench. The craft stores usually keep them in the back of the store. Next you need something that the kids can use to decorate them – crayons, paints, whatever. Last, you need clear spray-on paint to seal it. When the time is right, get out the newspaper and the supplies and let the kids decorate their own brand-new whatever. You seal it with the clear paint later and it’s a great addition to their room.

You could do something similar with ceramics. There are a lot of shops where kids can decorate a bowl or knick knack. If you’re prepared with all the materials, you can do the same thing at home.

Make a scavenger hunt. This will take some time on your part, but imagine how much fun the kids will have when you send them on a long scavenger hunt.  You can create one from scratch if you like. If you’re short on time or creative energy, there’s a great product called Riddle Me that you can download for $20. It lists many items that are commonly found in homes. You just check the ones that you want to use and it prints out the clues. You have to go through the house hiding clues for the kids to find, but they make it pretty easy by telling you where each clue should be hidden.

Oriental Trading Company has a craft division. You can order little craft kids that have everything you need. The only problem is that you usually have to order 12 kits at a time. You could also look at their website to find ideas and put the kits together yourself.

This isn’t really a craft, but it’s a great idea. Get a building toy, like K’nex, Marble Run or Erector. Keep it hidden away and bring it out only on those ‘special’ days. That way it won’t get boring.

If you get a few of these things ready, you’ll be able to pull something new and great out at that moment when the kids are bored out of their minds and you’re going crazy.