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Live the Movie Magic!

Nothing captures the imagination quite like a really good story. Kids have been fighting with light sabers since 1977. And who wouldn’t want to be Hermione?

Well, some creative person has thought up a way for kids to experience the world of their favorite movie. The City of Brea is offering four week-long summer camps built around favorite movies.

Be a Jedi

Be a Jedi for a week!

Star Wars Camp

Campers will participate in Jedi training. They’ll learn performing arts, martial arts, film, costuming, crafts and magic in preparation for fighting evil.

Indiana Jones Adventure Camp

Kids will use codes and strategy to find some of the world’s most prized historic pieces.

Survivor Camp

Tribes of campers participate in competitions that require teamwork and dedication.

Harry Potter Camp

harrypotter1Campers will study magic, potions, horticulture and flight.  They’ll make capes, wands and everything they need to be a witch or wizard. This camp is offered the week before the opening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.






Don’t live near Brea? These and more theme camps are offered through various cities by Edutainment Arts.  Their website includes a description of all the camps they offer and the various recreation departments they work with.