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Kids Gym has moved to Capistrano Beach

A cooking class for 5 year olds? Basketball and hockey for 4 year olds? A science class for 3 year olds? Yep! Kids Gym lets the young ones do all these fun things and more. Classes are geared toward the preschool set, who like to get their hands dirty!

doughy-handsThese classes are for kids and their parents, and a good time will be had by all. The cooking class helps kids build math, science and thinking skills.  They’ll mix, shake, stir, and blend to create delicious, messy munchies to share. Did I mention messy? The Messy Art class involves – you guessed it – hands on projects like fingerpainting. I think a theme is beginning to emerge!

Kids Gym also offers drop in child care on selected days and evenings so that parents can get away for a little while, knowing that their kids are having a blast.

Want more Kids Gym? Preschool is offered two, three or five days a week.

Kids Gym has recently moved from Rancho Santa Margarita to Capistrano Beach. Visit their website or stop by and see their new digs!