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Junior Lifeguard Summer Programs for Teens


Looking for a summer camp for teenagers? How about a Junior Lifeguard program?

Junior Lifeguard programs are held at the beach and include instruction on ocean safety, rescue techniques, first aid and CPR.  Many also include instruction in surfing, bodyboarding and other ocean sports.  Some include educational programs about marine biology or oceanography.

Kids and teens are out there getting exercise, having fun and keeping busy. This can also help prepare them for a job as a lifeguard when they get old enough.

surfrat1Most programs require kids to try out, including being able to swim 100 yards in about 2 minutes (requirements vary).  The tryouts are already taking place, so if your child wants to sign up, check it out now!  There are also some programs offered for kids who are too young or can’t yet pass the test to get into the Junior Lifeguard program.

Junior Lifeguard Programs in Orange County

Newport Beach also offers one, but it’s full already.

Pre-Junior Lifeguard Programs

Orange County Kids Activities has a listing of these and other summer camp programs for kids and teens.