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It’s Summer Camp Time in Orange County!

The weather is warming up, the schools are focused on year end activities, and parents are starting to think about what the kids are going to be doing this summer.

What’s different about the summer? After all, your kids participate in extracurricular activities all year long, and if you work, they need supervision during the day.  But summer is different.

summercampDuring the school year, the choices are limited by time and geography. The kids need to go to school until about 2 or 3 o’clock, so they only have a couple hours each day, and they need to do homework too. And how far can you drive them after school, especially while you work?  But summer is a different matter altogether. Kids can go to a summer camp that lasts a few hours every day, up to the entire day while Mom and Dad work. There are general camps where kids go to play, learn, get exercise and have fun.  Then there are specialty camps of every flavor. Is your child an aspiring dancer, skateboarder or water polo player? What about art, marine biology, fencing, or horseback riding?  If your child wants to pursue a favorite activity a little further, this is a great time.  If he or she wants to try something new, this is their opportunity.  Many camps allow you to enroll your child for one week at a time, so they can participate in a variety of activities over their summer break.

Here’s the part that might surprise you.  It’s time to start researching summer camps now, especially if your child is interested in something specific.  Spaces fill up fast, especially for some of the specialty camps.

Summer Sports Camps are Popular

Summer Sports Camps are Popular

Start out with any camps that just occur once during the summer.  Vacation bible school at your church, girl scout overnight camp, or that clinic offered by a club or studio that your child attends during the school year. Groups that just gear up for one big week need to plan ahead and when they’re full, they’re full.  Is your family vacation already scheduled? Once those dates are on your calendar, go looking for camps to fill in the breaks. Does your child like to try something new every week, or are they more comfortable with a consistent camp for most of the summer? The choices in Orange County are almost endless, but if you wait until the last minute you’ll be taking whatever still has open spots.