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How To Host a Slumber Party

Slumber parties are an exciting and thrilling event for the young children participating in them. Entertaining and corralling a bunch of kids for a whole night can be somewhat trying for the host or hostess’s parents though. If your son or daughter is itching to have a slumber party soon, have some childens activities planned ahead of time.

Having some kind of activities and time wasters planned will definitely make the night go smoother for you. A house full of bored children is about the worst thing you could have. Don’t over schedule the too much since an over regimented slumber party is likely to backfire on you.

The DVD player can buy you a couple of hours of relative quiet. You can rent the latest release if you know what they want to watch. Or you could have the party goers choose the flick. While you are renting the tape, have the slumber party guests get their movie watching snacks and drinks ready (with adult supervision, of course).

Board games can be a big hit. Don’t just get out all of your board games, though. With too many to choose from, they’ll never agree. Pick out a few appropriate games ahead of time. Games with fairly simple rules and that don’t take too long to play usually work best, especially if the slumber party guests are under eleven or so. Young children don’t have a long enough attention span to play Monopoly. A deck of cards is always a safe bet too.

You could also supply the kids with a few art supplies and let them create their own board game. In the hands of small children, card board, markers, glue, and colored pencils can easily be transformed into a homemade game. What a creative and productive way to spend a few hours! After they’ve finished, borrow a few dice and pieces from other games and play with them on their new board.

Let the children pick out an item from one of your cookbooks and help them bake it. Cakes, brownies and cookies are pretty easy for kids to make. Ice cream sundaes or pizzas are other options. Whatever they make, kids will love to eat their own creations afterwards. Let the kids do the basic mixing and gathering of ingredients but handle any knife and oven usage yourself.

Supply the kids with some extra blankets, quilts, and pillows and let them build a fort in your living room. To make the structure more stable, push your couches and other chairs together and drape some of the blankets over them. Adding pillows and stuffed animals will make the interior quite posh. No doubt the kids will want to move their sleeping bags in so they can sleep inside the tent.

When that most wonderful (to parents) time, bedtime, has arrived, have the kids gather in their fort. If the kids are old enough, turn out the house lights, give them flashlights and let them tell spooky stories. Or you could read them a scary story. If the kids are too young for scary stories, read to them from a favorite book or let them take turns reading. Then, after every one has brushed their teeth and washed their faces, put the slumber party guests to bed and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.