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Home Pride Bread is Back!

homeprideLast fall, Wonder Bread left the Southern California market, taking my favorite brand, Home Pride, with it. They cited high operating costs in California and troubles with a union. Truthfully, I didn’t notice that the Fluffed Nothing Wonder Bread had disappeared. I didn’t buy that anyway.  Home Pride, on the other hand, was soft like Wonder, but with a little more substance. Since it’s disappearance, I’ve been buying the store brand wheat breads, which aren’t as good.

The other brands that Wonder took with them when they departed were Roman Meal, Baker’s Inn.

Something must have changed recently, because yesterday I went into my local grocery store and saw a display of Wonder and Home Pride breads. Hurray!

Last fall we also lost Mothers Cookies. Fortunately Kellogg’s rescued the brand and brought them back to Southern California grocery stores last month.

So as lunch-packing season approaches, things are looking good again.  Whew!