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Haunted Attractions in Orange County

Do your kids love Halloween? Do they like to be scared? Throughout October there are lots of opportunities for frights and fun. These are mostly geared towards older kids and teenagers – kids who don’t mind having a ghoul jump out and scare them when they don’t expect it. Some are scarier than others, and most have a recommended age.

Some organizations set up a haunted something either in a home or in a retail space. They all have a theme, which changes each year. Do clowns scare you? What about a maze and characters based on Silent Hill?  There are some very creative people out there ready to scare you to pieces!

Some historical societies are taking advantage of Orange County’s rich history. You can go on a tour of a historic neighborhood or forest, with the tour leader sharing local ghost stories along the way. San Juan Capistrano does a great haunted Halloween tour of Los Rios Street, and groups are small enough that the tour leader can adjust the scariness level to the age of the group. Fullerton Arboretum hosts a tour through a haunted forest, led by a vampire.

The granddaddy of all Orange County Halloween activities is Knott’s Scary Farm. It’s pricier than the others, but you get the rides as well as the Halloween frights.  Ghouls will jump out and scare you as you make your way through the scary mazes.

One of the best things about these haunted houses is that each one is unique. You could go to one each weekend and have a different experience each time. Check out the listing of the Haunted Houses in Orange County.