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Great Halloween Costumes for Teens & Tweens

It’s October already, and than means Halloween costumes. You can get costumes at one of the many seasonal costume stores in Orange County. They have all the hot costumes, from Alice in Wonderland to Michael Jackson, as well as the classic ghoul and princess costumes. But if you have a teenager, like I do, originality is the name of the game. They want the one costume that no one else even thought of.

There is a wonderful second-hand clothing store in Dana Point where you can get vintage clothing. This isn’t like other second-hand stores and thrift stores that you may have seen. Junqie’s finds the best vintage clothing and combines it with a few new things for a very nice selection at very reasonable prices.

Junquie’s used to be located in Dana Point, right across from Harbor House Cafe, but they lost their lease a few months ago. Fortunately, they have moved into their new location at 24662 Del Prado in Dana Point just in time for Halloween shopping. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.