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Great Activities for Kids with ADHD

Children with ADHD have a high need for structure and motion. Of course these pastimes are good for all children, but kids with ADHD are especially challenged with activities which they find boring, have very little structure and which involve the need to wait quietly (like school!)

There’s a lot of controversy about ADHD and its diagnosis. But whatever you believe and whatever your child’s situation, these activities are good for any kid who exhibits impulsivity, distractibility and an inability to keep still. They also present a child with a situation in which he/she can succeed. That’s important for every kid, but especially for one who feels that they often don’t measure up to adults’ expectations. Do you ever find your body busy, but your mind wandering? This is one of the problems kids with ADHD face. You need to completely occupy them in order for them to stay in the moment. There are a lot of activities that can fully engage a kid, mind and body. These activities are inherently good for kids with ADHD, but they also have a side benefit. Many instructors and leaders are likely to have worked with kids with similar traits in the past and are prepared to channel all that energy in a good direction.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts offer structure and physical activity

Martial Arts offer structure and physical activity

Martial Arts offer structure, clear directions, positive reinforcement and lots of action. They keep a kid’s brain and body busy at the same time. There’s not much waiting around because all of the students can be practicing at the same time.


Soccer is ideal to keep a kid occupied

Soccer is ideal to keep a kid occupied

The more active, the better. I prefer basketball to baseball because in basketball several children are active at a time. That means less waiting. Also, the fast-moving action is more likely to keep those on the sidelines engaged. Swimming, gymnastics and dance are great because a kid is always on the move. Some kids prefer team sports while others prefer individual achievement. If they enjoy the sport, it will occupy their brain as well as their body.

Music or Art

Music engages kids minds and creativity

Music engages kids minds and creativity

Music involves the mind on a different level and in different ways that most other activities. Kids find that interesting, so they’ll stay tuned in. Art allows a lot of freedom. For a kid who struggles to conform to someone else’s way of doing things, some extra leeway to do things their way is heaven!


Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Y Princesses and Y Guides offer a variety of different activities, many of which involve the great outdoors, which is endlessly fascinating. There’s structure, opportunity for achievement and enough flexibility to pursue things they’re interested in.


There are, of course, other activities that could be great for your child. One of the most important factors is to pick an activity that your child is interested in. If they are drawn to it, chances are that it’s going to engage their interest and they’ll be better able to handle the challenging parts. Fortunately, Orange County offers just about every activity that you can imagine, so you have a wide variety to choose from. And if your child loses interest after a while, then it’s time to move on and try something else!