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Free Fishing Clinic for Kids

Going Fishing

Going Fishing

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of catching your very own fish! Kids and fishing go together, but a lot of us don’t think about it outside of our summer camping vacation. But there are plenty of places right here in Orange County for kids to go fishing.

But you don’t have the equipment or the knowledge. You could buy a pole and a fishing license for yourself and take your kids to the ocean or a lake to go fishing. But there’s a free and easy way for your kids to learn to fish.

girlandfishDana Wharf Sports Fishing is offering free kids fishing clinics every Sunday at noon. This is a 45-minute dockside class in fishing. Kids will learn fishing techniques and hook tying. Raffle prizes will be given away. No reservation is required. Just show up with a sense of adventure!

If your child really likes fishing and wants to go out on a fishing cruise, Dana Wharf has a special offer on their Sunday afternoon cruises. One child can go for free with a paying adult. This includes the rental of the equipment. Their cruises are often full, so don’t count on going the same day you come for the clinic unless you’ve purchased tickets ahead of time.  Check out Dana Wharf for details.

Dana Wharf is located in Dana Point Harbor, which is a nice place to walk around. There are also a lot of restaurants.  You could make a day of it by going out for Sunday brunch before the clinic or stopping for lunch afterwards.