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Family Photo Time!

There is one benefit to these tough financial times. In an effort to save money, people are rethinking some of their expensive habits. Since many of us have been spending more than we can afford, this is a good thing. These days people are getting a book at the library instead of the book store and making dinner at home instead of going out.

photo of childFortunately some things have actually become better and less expensive than they used to be. Remember taking a roll of film to be developed? We used to try not to waste photos because the roll of film only had so many exposures and worse, we would have to pay for prints of all the photos.  With a digital camera, you can take as many photos as you like.  Take multiple shots of the same thing and see which ones come out best. You can look at them on your computer and pick out the best to print.  The only cost is AA batteries. (Remember when you had to buy a special hard-to-find $5-$10 battery for your camera??)

Now that you have your photos you can alter them, email them to friends and family and post them on the internet.  Want prints?  You have the choice of getting a printer that can make high quality prints and buying photo paper or emailing your photos to a photo processing store. Either way, you can pick and choose sizes and quantities of each photo.
Right now wildflowers are blooming all over Orange County.  Take the family out to a park, bring the camera and get your portraits. Bring props. It’s a park. No one is going to mind if you bring a bike a favorite toy or even  the dog!  Take individual photos of each person.  Kids can share them with friends electronically.  And you need a new photo for your avatar, right?  Need a picture of the whole family?  Team up with another family. Go out together and you can photograph their whole family and they can do the same for you.  If the photos turn out well enough you can use them for this year’s Christmas cards.

You only need one more thing to make your family photo shoot a hugely successful inexpensive event: a picnic lunch!