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Equestrian Summer Camps

horseandfoalIs there an animal lover in your house?  Do you have a child that oohs and ahhs every time they see a horse?  Do they ask you to please get them one?

There are a lot of places even here in Orange County where a kid can get a lot of time with horses, and summer is the perfect time to do it.  Many places run week-long summer camps.  If your child really loves it, you can sign them up for multiple weeks.

All equestrian camps teach kids how to ride horses.  They have gentle horses that kids can handle.  They work with kids so they’ll learn how to handle the reins, how to get the horse to stop and back up, and the different gaits.  Most programs include tacking and horse care as well.  Some teach vaulting, roping and horse science.  A few expand to include other farm animals, like goats and chickens.  Still others incorporate non-horse related activities like crafts and swimming.

girlandhorseAttending a camp like this will help kids to respect, be comfortable around and be kind to animals. It will also give them an idea of the daily care that animals require. (If they’re old enough, it might answer that pesky question about why they can’t have a horse!)

There are many intangible benefits to interaction with animals. Learning non-verbal communication will help kids in future interactions with others who may have less advanced verbal skills. Taking care of animals helps kids learn about responsibility and trust.  And of course they’re outdoors riding, walking and moving, which is great exercise.

pettinggoatsIn Orange County there are several ranches that offer summer day camps, where children come each day for a week.  There are also many places just outside the county where kids can go for a sleep away summer equestrian camp. Whatever you choose, it will be an experience that your child will always remember.