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Educational Classes in Summertime

If your child struggles with school work, a fun summertime class can give them a big head start and extra confidence. If academics are difficult for them, don’t sign them up for educational classes all summer.  Kids who struggle probably need a break more than those who seem to sail through school. Give them a week or two to rest and then slip in something educational.

There are a ton of activities offered in Orange County that will help a child with academics. Some of them aren’t even strictly academic classes.

Summer School

Most school districts offer summer school. For elementary students, this is a half-day, less formal version of regular school. It’s usually held at just one or two schools in the district and taught by regular elementary school teachers. For middle school and high school students, summer school is still usually half day. Kids can take an elective that interests them, repeat a class that they failed, or take a class that they just can’t fit into their schedule during the school year. Check out your school district’s website to see where these classes are offered. They’re usually free for students in that district, but with recent budget cuts, who knows?

Many private schools also offer summer school.  If you’re considering sending your child to a private school, this might be a good opportunity to check one out.

Some community colleges offer College for Kids. Kids can choose from a variety of classes, some academic and some recreational. Kids go from one class to another during the day, just like in middle and high school. There are people there to help them find the different classrooms. Your child can sign up for an academic subject like math that they need a little extra help with, sports or art classes, or something like keyboarding that will help make schoolwork easier.


Tutoring has the benefit individual instruction or very small group instruction. The tutor can concentrate on the specific things that your child needs help with. It also provides a lot of attention for your child, which is especially beneficial if you find a tutor who is generous with praise.

Where can you find a tutor? Many regular teachers offer tutoring over the summer. Check with your school to see if any of your favorites offer private tutoring. Do you have any college students in your neighborhood? This would be an especially good fit for a college student who is planning to become a teacher.  What about that high-school age girl who used to babysit your kids? There are also many private tutoring facilities, such as Kumon or Score.

Which kind of tutor you hire will depend on what you’re hoping to accomplish. If you want someone to test your child, figure out what his or her needs are and make a plan, you should probably hire a professional. If you want someone to assist your child in working through some material that you purchase at a teacher supply store, then a less formal arrangement might work for you.

Recreational classes

There are a variety of recreational classes available for kids in Orange County. For instance, your child could take a class in reading development that meets three hours a week. Or they could sign up for something fun that happens to work the brain muscles too, like science, music or chess.

Whatever you choose, make sure that your child’s summer includes a healthy dose of fun and relaxation. That’s at least as important to your child’s success when September rolls around again.