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Calling All Junior Biologists

Do you have any budding biologists at your house? Starr Ranch Sanctuary is a 4,000 acre research and conservation facility near Rancho Santa Margarita.  They offer summer camps where kids get to learn about the local wildlife and habitats.

kitesJunior Biologists I is offered for kids ages 8-12 and includes the following areas of study:

  • Introduction to Starr Ranch Habitats
  • Starr Ranch Mammals
  • Nature Magnified
  • Aquatic Day
  • Evening Nature Workshops

Junior Biologists II is also for kids ages 8-12 and includes the following areas of study:

  • Biologists at Work
  • Large Mammal Research (cougars, bobcats, coyotes, & foxes)
  • Predators and their Prey
  • Stream Ecology
  • Western Screech-Owl Monitoring

tarantula1Junior Biologists I and II are offered Monday through Thursday 8 am to noon.  On Friday they meet from 7-10 pm to work with nocturnal wildlife.  Junior Biologists I is offered the week of July 6, 2009, with Junior Biologists II the following week, July 13, 2009.  If your kids are homeschooled, you might prefer to attend the sessions starting June 8, 2009.

Junior Biologists III is offered for older kids, ages 10-13, and includes an overnight. The two sessions offer different areas of study.  Ecology of Bell Creek is offered the week of June 22, 2009, and Effects of Ranch Roads on Wildlife is offered the week of July  20, 2009.  These classes meet Monday-Wednesday 8 am – noon and then Thursday 1 pm to Friday 11 am.

Ecology of Bell Creek

  • Intro. to Project & Water Chemistry
  • Aquatic Insects
  • Creek Animals at Night
  • Small Mammals & Data Summaries

Effects of Ranch Roads on Wildlife

  • Habitat Conditions Along Roads
  • Large Mammals & Invertebrates
  • Nighttime Road Survey
  • Small Mammals & Data Summaries

Junior Biologists IV is a new program for teens ages 14-18 who have already taken levels I – III.  They meet year round, usually one or two days a month for field trips, work on long term research projects and campouts.

cougarThis is a great opportunity for kids who are interested in an introduction to field science all the way up to those who are interested in pursuing biology as a career.  They even have internships for college grad students.

Check out their website for more details and other great programs:  Starr Ranch

This is one of many great summer camps available for kids in Orange County.