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Baton Twirling for Kids

Are you looking for an activity for your child that’s part sport and part performance? Maybe something that’s different from what else is doing? What about Baton Twirling? Yes, baton twirling is alive and well in Orange County and beyond. You can usually find classes taught by individuals with a life-long love of the sport.

Trying it out isn’t usually too expensive. You just need a baton. If the class does a recital, you’ll probably be asked to pay for a simple uniform involving matching t-shirts.  It’s fun and teaches coordination, rhythm and teamwork.

Baton Twirler

Baton Twirler

If your child really likes twirling, you can take it to the next level. Many teachers arrange for their students to participate in competitions and performances locally.  There’s a group of young twirlers participating in a parade at Disneyland this June. There are opportunities for solo twirlers to display their skills. Events like this usually involve a costume, much like those that dance teams wear.

As kids get older this sport, like many others, offers the chance to compete at higher levels.  Many people travel with their teams to regional, state and national competitions.

There are many Baton Twirling teachers in Orange County. Some will even hold classes at your location.